Multi-Cavity Mold Repair and Engineering Changes

At TST we have the capability and expertise to repair, renovate and make engineering changes to your tooling with or without mold prints or mold files. We utilize Solidwork 2012 and Mastercam X6 and have a combined 90+ years of mold making, tool making and repair knowledge/experience to solve your tool making and mold making needs.

We have in house Tig welding capabilities if needed in the repair or modification of your multi-cavity mold. We outsource our Laser Welding with excellent turnarounds.

With in house Wire EDM capabilities we are able to insert and repair areas quicker without relying on outside vendor support and timely delays. We have in housing heat treating capabilities for small parts that helps to expedite your repair or modification to your mold. Contact us today with your mold repair needs. We have the tools to fix the problem.

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